Welcome to Spanking in Los Angeles.

This site is mainly to promote the...
sPANko Pan-Sexual Spanking Party
that happens every 4th Saturday of the month
at Threshold Dungeon
in North Hollywood
12noon - 4pm

11300 Hartland St. North Hollywood CA 91605
(entrance is in the REAR of the building
down the ally when you turn right into the parking lot off Hartland)
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The sPANko party is a pan-sexual SPANKING event.
That means all orientations... men/women...women/women...men/men are free to play together AS LONG AS IT IS CONSENSUAL and RESPECTFUL!
(Click here for party rules)

Party is only $10 to get in and have access to one of the
best play spaces in Los Angeles!!
(Click here to see pics of theThreshold facilaty)

Snacks will be provided, but you're more than welcome to bring goodies or food to share with your fellow spankos!!

If you are not a member of Threshold you will need to sign a waiver
every time you attend.

Click here to learn more about Threshold Society



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Contact sPANko party host:
Larry .hokeymo235@hotmail.com